"White Pearls" die Wedding Collection 2024        

Foto: Neighborhood Production  


"ALL ABOUT LOVE" die Wedding Collection 2023         

Foto: HochWerk  


"feel unique" die Wedding Collection 2022         

Foto: HochWerk  


"pure Elegance" die Wedding Collection 2021         

Foto: HochWerk  


"Feeling of Happiness" die Wedding Collection 2020          

Foto: HochWerk  


"Honeymoon Couture" die Wedding Collection 2019           

Foto: HochWerk  


"FlechtWerk" The Art of Braids 2019

Foto: HochWerk 


"HOCHZEITSWAHN" die Wedding Collection 2018

Foto: HochWerk 


"The Art of Braids" by Kiwiblue Stylisten Foto: HochWerK

"No.2 Collection" by Kiwiblue Stylisten Foto: HochWerk

"True Love Wedding & After Wedding Collection" 2017

by Kiwiblue Stylisten

"Cherub Couture"  by Kiwiblue Stylisten

"Fall in Love Wedding" Collection 2016  by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Summer Festival Looks by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Aerospace by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Shape by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Rockabilly Rules by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Trash Couture by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Grunge Collection by Kiwiblue Stylisten

Fotos: Tom Gonsior Photography